Friday, April 24, 2009


I am a Hypocrite. Calling myself a sailor and here I stand in the middle of April, just before the winter starts in South Africa and I haven't sailed in over a year.

Since my last sailing adventure I made a conscience decision: Never to sail for a fool or Tyrant again. They are all and the same, Barking and swearing like a snarling demented dog from the underworld. Foaming at the mouth and spitting as they shout commands to the bow form their dry and safe kennel at the Helm.

" Untangle that spinnaker you worthless excuse of a seaweed, my granny can do that faster while baking cookies!"

If you sail for a fool, you soon come to the conclusion that the only fool on the boat can be anyone except the skipper....even if he slips, looses his glasses overboard and are going full speed ahead towards the breakwater.

All plans to purchase a yacht has failed since there is no space left in the marinas to give her a soft little bed in the Atlantic ocean. The idea of a dinghy or Kite surf is starting to pop up maybe someday soon the Hypocrite will be no more.

I must say that I miss sailing a lot. I feel like a fish out of water, but I will not jump in again under the growling bark of another Top Dog.

Monkey Business

Election day is almost worse that the other time of the year we dread, giving in our Tax returns. Wednesday we had our election day and according to the newspapers everything ran smoothly. That is until the day after the elections.

Reports came in of IEC officials driving around with market ballots in their boot for a certain party that is known for trying everything in its power to rig the assumed fair elections. Ballots boxes went missing and reappearing filled with who knows. Even few voting stations were caught with there pants down by not having enough ballot papers. Fair election?

In South Africa the Politics work a bit different. Politicians are not a proud breed down in South Africa and they revert to dancing and signing along to catchy music to rally in the votes. Even the distribution of food and other goodies are seen as getting more votes.

Gladly I can say the Circus has left the town and won’t be coming around for the next three years.