Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Puppet Master

I live in a world ruled by one. The dictator rules with a monkey’s fist dangling from the side of his throne.  Nudged along by the breath of his ancestors, he skillfully guides his realm. In his ears he hears soft whispers coming from his mistress as she constantly lingers beneath.

Born with two Y chromosomes and enough testosterone to power a continent, he is the Alpha dog, the Top Dog.  Barking and snarling, scratching and biting at the inner being of his minions with verbal abuse and worthlessness, he gets them to obey his every command. 

Called by many names, the one he holds most dear is Skipper or just Skip. He sees himself as the puppet master controlling everyone in his realm, pulling their strings by his constant shouting, cursing and howling.  For no one he fears, except the puppets at the bow, for they have too many strings and a good helping of copper balls.  So he gets louder, foaming at the mouth, barking, snarling and hoping his drool will whack them in the head, getting them to jump and gibe.

His motto is no questions, no back chat, have your beer, do your job and shut up.  All you ever get in return are 


I am the Skipper.  I am the puppet master.

in response to Sailing Anarchy writing project

Friday, February 18, 2011

Aliens shot down our statelites

I like gadgets and the more features it have the better.  One gadget every sailor cant go without on the sea is his chart-plotter and GPS.  Now all the manuals and reviews of each product assures you that they are accurate and that with them on board, you will be confident in your ability to navigate any stretch of water.

This is obviously only true till you run out of power or have a malfunction like we did in a previous post : Got the grey matter?   Or even worse, all the satellites are shot down by aliens.

So do one trust the gadgets with your life?

One should always have a back-up - be it extra batteries or anti alien missiles.  But the one thing an old sailor learned me the best backup was a chart and a compass along with the knowledge to use it

Remember -  Always keep a compass near and plot your position and course 
on the chart (paper chart) every half hour.

in response to  Tillerman's writing project