Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lost the plot

Hi, my name is Smilicus and um,um,  I’m a sailing junkie.

How often does one come across a sailor who says: “I sail anything.  It is all about being on the water, feeling the breeze and making it go like the clappers.”   Every club have one or even more.  You know who I am talking about. That jack-of-all-trades sailor, who is always hovering at the club, eaves dropping to hear where his next sailing fix will come from, be it a 3knt sh#@ box or a stripped out racing boat.

I kicked my addiction 2 years, 3 months back.  I went cold turkey, haven’t sailed at all, neither did I tie a Bowline or a reef knot.  Okay, maybe once or twice I used a bowline, but not for sailing purposes.  I ended my membership and just disappeared into the boring realm of the landlubber.

Why? For a very simple reason, but an important one:   I become the Sailor, not the Sailor me. be continued

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The legend of the ghost blogger

~There’s a legend of a blogger that just stopped blogging and haunted other blog sites without anybody noticing or knowing what happened.  ~

A frequent blogger and comment posting IP address just one day disappeared from the bloggesphere into thin air and nobody knew what had happened to this sorry soul.  All we know is he still surfs the web in absolute silence watching, listening and seeing everything that went on. 

He saw the fall of Joe(horse’s mouth) from Tillerman's holy scrolls to the other side, the normal side, the regular blog scrolls.  I saw O Dock coming out of the comment box and onto his own Blogspot, taking up his spot in the social arena.  I saw a spider reappear and a blogger disappear, maybe he is spinned up in a cocoon, just waiting to break free of daily society’s venom.  The ghost saw it all and yet he just kept quiet.

But quiet he is no more, the silence is broken.