Monday, August 24, 2009

Eco Sailor

Lately I have been thinking a lot about boating and especially all the negative effects it has on the environment. Sailing out of the harbour these days you really see how polluted our waters are. Oil floating on top and just beneath the surface you see old crisp packets floating, a reminder of that last big party someone had on the water.

Even the anti foaling kills the environment, bit by bit it suffocates the small marine life and other plankton in the ocean. Where are we going to be in a few decades from know. Dried up oceans, a big waste land in the middle of Table Bay where we once used to sped our days sailing? Or will it be a win situation for sailors the world over and a loss to humanity, when the earth turns into one big water theme park like in Water world?

Recently I was surfing the net, looking for Eco friendly boating sites when I came across a site The Green Blue. I was very impressed by all the work they have put into the site and all the different information they have on what your sailing/boating is doing to mother earth. There are dozens of solution to everyday questions we have on how we can improve our boating and become more Eco friendly.

Do you think you are an Eco friendly sailor? Think again and go visit the site: