Friday, February 18, 2011

Aliens shot down our statelites

I like gadgets and the more features it have the better.  One gadget every sailor cant go without on the sea is his chart-plotter and GPS.  Now all the manuals and reviews of each product assures you that they are accurate and that with them on board, you will be confident in your ability to navigate any stretch of water.

This is obviously only true till you run out of power or have a malfunction like we did in a previous post : Got the grey matter?   Or even worse, all the satellites are shot down by aliens.

So do one trust the gadgets with your life?

One should always have a back-up - be it extra batteries or anti alien missiles.  But the one thing an old sailor learned me the best backup was a chart and a compass along with the knowledge to use it

Remember -  Always keep a compass near and plot your position and course 
on the chart (paper chart) every half hour.

in response to  Tillerman's writing project


Sam Chapin said...

How about adding... If you go off shore and have room, take a sextant with you. Maybe practice with it occasionally. Life can be tough some times.

Sam Chapin said...

Great photos.

Smilicus said...

A sextant would be a good idea to add to that list, thanks Sam