Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Water Ninja

For some while I have been envying the moth hydrofoil sailors with their fast, high tech boat skimming above the water at speeds over 20knts.

This weekend my imagination got the better of me and I floated off into my parallel universe, where I am Johnnie Sailor and life revolved around the wind & tide and not your work & home mortgage.  I dreamed up this idea of a new division for the navy, the Water Ninja Squad

GO Ninja

A fleet of highly trained special ops sailors embarking on convert operation to save their country.  They are quick and stealth is there middle name.  Their vessel of choice the combat ready V3000XT Moth Hydrofoil equipped with  the latest gadgets and silenced small caliber automatic on the bow.  Created in a lab one can only image, they have colour changing sails which can match their surrounding and camouflaged hull that can so they can go undetectable by the human eye.

They are dropped from a low flying bomber plane and as soon as the hydrofoils touch the water they are off on their mission, flying on top of the waves, aiming their sites on an enemy coast.  Undetected by radar, they....."Honey your dinner is ready"

Getting back to reality, I reach for my knife and fork and think - What if that could be a real..........

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