Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How do you drink Red Wine at sea?

There is nothing more rewarding after a days sail than to uncork a bottle of red wine and enjoy at sea while watching the sunset over the horizon.

That is until you hit an unsuspected wave and spill a few drops of wine on the teak deck. The skipper in his color coded sailing gear just left civilization and starts swearing like a sailor in a cheap remake of Moby Dick.
Out comes the bleach and other chemicals and gone is the tranquil sunset and glass of well bodied wine. One would believe some sorry fool was killed and we are desperately trying to get rid of the blood stains before entering port. The crew is on their knees scrubbing the floor like slaves on an old square rig while the captain is at the helm shouting and swearing, cursing the winds. All on deck have forgotten about the wine and out comes the bottle of cheap sherry that is passed from sailor to sailor to Captain.

So how do one drink red wine at sea? Should we rather take swigs out of the bottle or maybe get ourselves some of those German beer mugs with the lid? Maybe we should cover the cockpit floor with bleach or other chemicals before we pop the cork.

For now I will have a goblet of luscious red wine, even if it means mutiny.

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