Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Where are all the Sailors?

Sitting in my car looking at the ocean, I wonder where all the sailors are......

Today is one of those perfect days, we get so few of them these days. Either the wind is howling or its raining in mid summer. You could not ask for a better day for sailing, flat seas with a nice steady breeze . . . perfect.

Yet, where are all the sailors???

The yacht club is only 2km away and not a single piece of cloth is to be seen on the water. For some reason yachties think that sailing is reserved for Wednesday night regattas and weekends. Now dinghy and Hobie sailors take every opportunity they get to be out on the water, why is this? Maybe because you only need two sailors? Maybe because less prep is involved? Maybe because they have youth on their side? OR maybe they don't need to have high power jobs and big overdrafts to finance their passion like the yacht owners do.

Yet, where are all the sailors??

People need to work during the week to earn money for new rigging, blocks and mooring costs. I get it, but if I look at the members at the club, mostly they are elderly folk now on retirement, surely they can use the perfect day in the week for sailing? Or do they need crew? Or maybe they are not up to the challenge anymore?

Yet, where are all the sailors?

Here lies the CATCH 22 of Sailing:

Buy the big yacht with all the trimmings, but need the big power job with the long hours to pay the bank = No Sailing

Retire Early after your successful career and buy the yacht of your dreams, but need crew to help sail the yacht, who is still at work = Again No Sailing

Are we all doomed to stay dinghy sailors forever?


Tillerman said...

I have a better plan...

Buy a Laser. Sail every weekend and on evenings when you can get away from the big power job with the long hours that will pay for your early retirement.

Retire early after your successful career and buy the house of your dreams by the ocean, and sail your Laser any time you damn well please, whether or not anybody else is available to sail when you want to sail.

Smilicus said...

I hear you Tillerman.

Have left the power job and moved to a position in charity work. So out's the idea of a big old keeler.

Must say that, Laser is looking good right now

Joe Rouse said...

No, no, no! Just say no to the Laser, it is evil. ;) Why not get a surfski for some crosstraining, SA has the best boats. Have you thought about Cats?

Smilicus said...

LOL, have thought about a surfski.That will be an additional toy for me. Had a Hobie 14 turbo for a few years, but you need two people to rig the damn mast;( I've got a Hobie 16 in mind for when the misses joins me and a laser/finn for when I need to rig the thing myself in the week when I'm alone.