Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I see everybodies been writing for Tillerman's writing project. In true South African fashion I am two months late with my list.

List: What to do in winter

1. Marathon dvd session:
White Squall; Perfect Storm; Morning Light
2. Snuggle up in front of the fire place with the latest edition of SA Sailing
3. Try and finish your model yacht you have been building for a while.
4. Play
Virtual Skipper 5 and actually win the America's cup with out a hearing

Mmmm, now I wonder if the new Virtual Skipper will have an option for protest and court hearings?

5. Refurbish your dinghy and get saw & GRP dust in you eyes.
6. Have a Saterday off to go wine tasting with Friends
7. Go to the gym and get inshape for the new season
8. Forget all of the above and pour youself a tall glass of whiskey and light a cigar

Come on what are you waiting for? Pour yourself one

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