Thursday, July 9, 2009

News Review

All of us need to find our Sailing news fix some how everyday. Be it Sailing Anarchy or another site. Here is a review of a few site I like to visit formy daily fix.

Sailing Anarchy

A very interesting news website that focus more on the Fun & Interesting side of sailing news than long reports of regatta results, etc. I love the site, giving you a quick overview of what happened world wide and loads of cool sailing photos. The big plus is that it is updated daily


An Australian sailing news website. More a blog site on the local (Australian) sailing news than a global news site. One downside is that they don’t update regularly

Yachts & Yachting

A true Sailing News Site with Reports on regattas and other news of sailing right over the globe. They even have reports on what changing in the racing rules, legislation, etc. One down side ii that they are to focused on the news and fail to bring the fun side to the party.

These are three of my favorite sites for daily sailing news. What is your fix?

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