Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Adventure at night

South Africa is the place to be in April.  We have so many public holidays that one almost don't need to take a day off to have a good short holiday.

If only I could've slept like them

BUT somehow my short holiday left me more tired.  With the rain season finally here, I have spent a lot of time researching boats that I can build in my garage and this left me with night long adventures, rolling around in my sleep.

Every night I would dream of a new adventure : Sailing the high seas in a Paradox, Wining the Mykonos pursuit race on board an I550 and just kicking it old school in a Pathfinder

Waking up in the morning I would be tired stretching for that first cup of coffee, but felt like I had the time of my life on the water.

Am I weird, or are there more "sleep sailors" out there?

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